Venue: The Round Room.

Adrift is a combination of art and science, which throws light upon the 27,000 individual pieces of debris currently tracked as they orbit above us. Each has been left in space during one of the many missions since the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, in 1957.

Adrift is a three-part project, comprising Machine 9, a new short documentary film ‘Adrift’ and an interactive element which enables audiences to adopt an individual piece of junk and communicate with it via Twitter @ProjectAdrift

Machine 9 consists of a 1.5m long rotating aluminium cylinder with 1000 sounds engraved into ‘orbits’ along its length, and uses live data, as a ‘score’. Eight motorised styluses locate and play a sound from the cylinder for each (otherwise silent) object that passes directly overhead, creating a live, indeterminate composition from their infinite combinations.

A new short documentary film by award-winning filmmaker, Cath Le Couteur, explores the neglected world of space junk., revealing an issue that is troubling and beautiful, dangerous and fascinating.

For the first time, people can adopt one of three pieces of junk – SuitSat, Fengyun and Vanguard– via Twitter. Each has its own distinct characteristics and Twitter followers can send a message to each piece of debris and receive responses based on real-time live data. New short introduce audiences to these pieces of junk – the voice of Vanguardbelongs to film-maker, director and writer, Sally Potter, Fengyun is singer, songwriter and musician, Delilah Holiday and SuitSat is musician, writer, filmmaker and Super Furry Animals man, Gruff Rhys.

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