Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Are you facing a heavy workload, strung out, fraught, and overstretched? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to clear your mind so you can live and work in a calmer, more effective and responsive way? Or maybe you’re often in pain or discomfort? Either way, the Alexander Technique may offer the answer.

The Alexander Technique is a process of changing destructive patterns of behaviour. A few simple tweaks in our mindset can make an immediate difference to the way we do everything.

James Butler will teach you to do whatever you do efficiently, effectively, comfortably and pleasurably, both awake and asleep, and without the pain and tension you may have grown used to.

As a keen amateur singer, horse rider and walker James has found that applying the principles of Alexander’s method has made him move, stand and sit with ease and freedom – and furthermore, with a better voice and no pain.

So often, the natural poise and balance that we enjoyed as children is lost through sheer hard work and everyday activities – whether rehearsing, performing, rushing to appointments, driving a car, sitting at a desk, or using a computer keyboard, to name just a few. The habitual way we carry out these very familiar activities is so often the cause of stress, discomfort and pain. The effects are insidious – they creep up on us subconsciously, gradually and cumulatively. James’s philosophy is to grow young with poise.