Venue: The Idler Academy.

Andrew Simms is a political economist, environmentalist, campaigner and co-founder of the New Weather Institute. He is a research associate at the Centre for Global Political Economy, University of Sussex, and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation (NEF), where he was policy director for over a decade. During that time he founded the nef’s work programme on climate change, energy and interdependence, instigated their ‘Great Transition’ project, and ran work on local economies ,coining the term ‘clone towns’ to describe the homogenisation of high streets by chain stores. He wrote the book Tescopoly on Tesco’s dominance of the grocery market, Ecological Debt on framing the transgression of planetary boundaries, and co-authored The New Economics and Green New Deal, devising the concept of ‘ecological debt day’ to illustrate when in the year we begin living beyond our environmental means. He writes often for the Guardian and broadcasts with the BBC World Service and was described by New Scientist Magazine as ‘a master at joined-up progressive thinking’.

His latest book Cancel the Apocalypse: the New Path to Prosperity is a manifesto of new economic possibilities.

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