Venue: Workshop Barn, on Friday.

At the heart of every story there are just 6 simple building blocks, and in this workshop you will learn to recognise these steps and use them in all your future creative story-making.

This workshop is for everyone, but as we will be composing stories using pictures, it will be especially helpful to children and those who would normally struggle to write a story down.

You will be working in oil pastels and paint (so don’t wear your best part frock) using either a Concertina Sketchbook or A3 paper set out like a comic strip. If you have a favourite story it would be great if you could bring it with you as we can all play detective and see if we can spot the six parts of the story. If you are feeling very brave you will have the opportunity to share your story with the group at the end if the session.

Price £5 

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket