Venue: Great Outdoors, on Saturday, Sunday.

(a philosophy not a dresscode)

Transport yourself to Buenos Aires without leaving the festival site with this fun and relaxed Argentine Tango workshop. Argentinian Tango is a complex and subtle dance, contrary to what a lot of people may believe about it. This workshop is a chance for people to encounter Tango as a social dance and to experience the joy of connecting with a partner through dancing together in a close embrace. The workshop uses the traditional ideas and music of Argentine Tango – with it’s depth, history and lyrics – but with a more relaxed approach to allow for a playful experience, using movement games and improvisation as an introduction to the techniques of the dance.

Ruth Pethybridge and Becalelis Brodskis met in Argentina many years ago, following a shared passion for Tango…. Ruth is also a contemporary dancer with many years of experience as a teacher and facilitator of dance for all ages. Bec is an artist film-maker and animator .They have been dancing together ever since and love inspiring others to discover the connection that Tango brings.

There’s no need to sign up in advance for this workshop. Just turn up and join in!