Venue: Walled Garden.

Bella Bathurst, an award-winning author of non-fiction, began to loser her hearing in 1997. For the next twelve years deafness shaped her life… until everything changed again. Her new book Sound, recounts her experiences and reveals how our relationship with sound is far more complex than we might expect.

Sound explores what it is like to lose your hearing and – and, as Bella eventually did – to get it back, and what that teaches you about listening and silence, music and noise. She investigates the science behind deafness, hearing loss among musicians, soldiers and factory workers, sign language, and what the deaf know about these subjects that the hearing don’t.

If sight gives us the world, then hearing – or our ability to listen – gives us each other. But, as this engaging and intelligent examination reveals, our relationship with sound is both personal and far, far more complex than we might expect.

Bella Bathurst is a writer and photojournalist. Her books include The Lighthouse Stevensons which won the 1999 Somerset Maugham Award, The Wreckers, which became a BBC documentary, and The Bicycle Book, which was shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2011.