Venue: Lark’s Haven.

BfDA is body work and breath work combined with energy healing and ‘guided breath focusing’ on areas of dis-harmony or dis-ease within the body or mind. Using the deep diaphragmatic breathing method of the Secret of the Golden Flower to bring deep peace and total calm to the parts of you registering stress or tension. Be the watcher and the healer of your own body in full presence, with your own breath and a steadied flame of the fire within. 

“Re-orient your psyche with nature using a simple breathing hack to connect to genius mind!”

Mark spent his formative years immersed in the wild woodlands, exquisite coastlines and estuaries of Anglesey in North Wales. Born in Manchester to an active Theosophist, many days were spent listening to Theosophical Society ramblings when his family moved to spectacular Welsh countryside. The use of psychedelics was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s.

Mark has a deep connection to nature, one that comes with it a tree of knowledge adorned with an endless supply of mind enriching fruit.

Fifteen years ago Mark began to merge his nature knowledge with an ancient treatise on early Taoist thinking ‘The Secret of The Golden Flower’. This weekend he shares the extraordinary foundation breath work of this life enhancing practice.