Venue: Walled Garden, on Saturday.

Brother Brother Brother ( is a music commentary podcast featuring brothers, Wyndham Lewis, Jeremy Sartori, Christian Lewis.  It seems reasonably straightforward until the particulars are spelled out that each were born a decade apart (late 60’s, late 70’s and late 80’s); are all of different parental permutations; grew up in different regions (all over the US and UK); and didn’t all meet in one place until 2006.


So at forty-seven, thirty-nine and twenty-seven they started a podcast talking about our their shared obsession: Music. Each episode explores a different subject (Radio, The Current State of the Rockstar, Movie Soundtracks, Disco) bringing their different perspectives to the conversation. Even discussing something as simple as radio becomes a discussion about tech evolution and the perils of unlimited choice. Each episode also allows listeners to sit in with three brothers who are getting to know each other in real time.


At The festival they will be discussing the relationship between literature and music with Geoff Dyer and Richard Mason, among others…