Venue: The Idler Academy.

Baker Andy Wright teaches you to bake sourdough bread on campsite

Andy starting baking in 2010 after leaving his corporate IT job. After reading Andrew Whitley’s seminal book, Bread Matters he set up his first (very)micro-bakery, selling a few loaves a week in the local organic fruit & veg shop.
Grappling with the intricacies of an old gas oven in a rented flat, he sold his first couple of loaves and hasn’t looked back since. In August 2013 through a crowd-funding initiative and a great amount of local support he took the leap and opened the Andy’s Bread bakery in the kitchens of a local bar.
In March 2017 after more crowd funding, he moved to his own proper grown-up bakery on the outskirts of Llanidloes. There is lots of space to bake, teach and create. Deliveries around town will soon take place on a custom built electric powered cargo trike.
Andy’s passion is working to produce the high quality sourdough breads using the best ingredients. He works with a Welsh watermill to source some of his flour. He also runs monthly baking courses direct from the bakery.

Drop in at the Idler Academy tent