Venue: The Idler Academy.

Ways with Weirds was originally a tent at Port Eliot festival and is the name for the underground, militant art wing of The Green Funeral Company, run by undertakers Claire and Rupert Callender.

Its current meaning is an umbrella term to describe their public activities that don’t actually end with a burial or cremation.

They’ll be talking about the influence of punk, rave culture, crop circles and chaos magick on their 17 years as undertakers, hosting various countercultural events, guerrilla unadvertising, and a bewildering ancestral ritual designed to disorientate that they call Devon Voodoo.

Claire and Rupert become Ways with Weirds when they are joined by DJ WITH, real name Daveid Phillips, the shadowy Svengali who changed the course of modern music. Daveid Phillips once mistakenly wrapped Bob Dylan in up in a stage curtain and toasted the future with Kurt Cobain. One enjoyed it, one didn’t.