Venue: Walled Garden.

Clover Stroud is a writer and journalist writing for the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller, among others.

In her new memoir, The Wild Other, Clover tells of how, at the age of sixteen, her mother had a catastrophic riding accident, and her incredibly happy family life fell apart.  This tragedy set her off on a search for somewhere she could call home, a journey that would take her far and wild until reaching a most extraordinary conclusion.

Clover galloped across England’s idyllic Cotswolds to boomtown Dublin and the traveller rave scene of Ireland in the 2000s, across the plains of Texas where she overcame local suspicions to become a well-respected cowgirl. Then finally she travelled to the war-torn South Caucasus of Russia.

There is a pattern. Clover is attracted to danger to the point of self-destruction. In this we see something of ourselves, something that is both terrifying yet totally vital. It is the pulse of danger and life that enables Clover to handle marriage and kids in difficult circumstances with an alcoholic. It is something that Clover finds truest with a powerful racehorse beneath her, on the gallops, with the sound of hooves and wind in her hair.

The Wild Other is lyrical, shocking and sexy, travelling deep into the crime of a childhood tragedy; a crime that is solved in an uplifting story of love and survival.