Venue: The Tiddy Tent, on Saturday.

Colin Taylor, a police officer of 21 years, was the longest serving police officer on the Isles of Scilly in living memory. He successfully blogged to a worldwide audience of tens of thousands about his efforts policing a remote archipelago 28 miles off the tip of Land End. So successful was the blog that BuzzFeed accused him of almost breaking the internet and the Sunday Times devoted several supplement pages to his light touch communication style. Consequently Century Publishing asked him to author The Life of a Scilly Sergeant. His warm and humorous book invites the reader to enter the Scillonian world and observe the ebb and flow of gentle island turbulence through the eyes of the Copper. A unique perspective of a fiercely independent community clinging to life on one of the least discovered gems of the British Isles. It is not a police procedural, more Hearbeat but less frenetic. It is currently the best selling book about Scilly enjoyed by visitors old and new. Colin no longer lives on Scilly but is now a Detective Sergeant living and working in Devon.’