Venue: Workshop Barn, on Saturday.

Clive Sutton has been a lecturer in Psychology at Truro College for 14 years where he has worked on the HE programme for Plymouth University and is currently Head of Theory of Knowledge on the International Baccalaureate.

“Defence Against The Dark Arts” is a favourite workshop from the college’s Academic Academy. It’s about power and how human beings exert their will over others. There are 6 basic principles to learn in order to protect yourself from unwanted social influence. The workshop includes well-known sales techniques, methods of negotiation and a breakdown of the process of seduction.

Participants will be able to learn about and practise identifying and blocking these techniques should they be applied to them in day to day life. In theory, this knowledge could be used for ill-gotten gain so we trust our participants to use their new found powers only for good!

If you’ve ever hoped for a little more social resilience, have trouble saying ‘no’ or would like to become bullet proof to others’ persuasion, this could be for you.’

Price £5

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket