Venue: The House.

Digital artist Scott Fletcher will present a unique collaboration between Agatha Christie Limited and Port Eliot Estate. Using Microsoft HoloLens headsets, audiences will be immersed in the author’s augmented delivery of the first scene from her 1972 Poirot mystery, ‘Elephants Can Remember’.

Previously unreleased recording of Agatha Christie herself is heard alongside holographic cues for plot points and character dialogue. Set in a period bedroom, the scene is an exchange between Mrs Oliver and her maid Maria while choosing her headwear for the day. As a fascinating extra detail, each of the featured hats are bespoke 3D renders matched from the Stephen Jones Millinery archive.

At Port Eliot Festival 2017, the Mixed Reality performance will be seamlessly integrated to a fantastically apt bedroom in the main house, which will be opened to the public for the time. After the Festival it will be available at a number of literary, storytelling and new technology events, where it will include virtual reproductions of the Port Eliot bedroom furnishings. In doing so, the once private room joins the list of Agatha Christie scene locations and the novelist takes her first steps into Mixed Reality, albeit posthumously.

‘Elephants Can Remember’ HoloLens Edition was developed by [email protected] and Play Nicely. It was funded by Arts Council England’s Grants For The Arts scheme and is the first in a planned series of works that explore the considered use of digital arts in collaboration with cultural organisations and more traditional art forms.