Venue: Great Outdoors, on Saturday, Sunday.

Trish MacCurrach fell in love with outdoor cooking while living in Serbia several years ago.  The traditional food cooked in the Kotlich (her hanging enamel cooking pot) is river fish soup and goulash.  She has spent the last six years reinventing the culture of the kotlich and now cooks anything from marmalade to mussels. She and her family take great pleasure in dragging food and drink to the most inaccessible places possible and cooking for friends on the tops of steep hills, in the middle of Dartmoor or in hidden river valleys.  Her hometown has a walking festival and the welcome supper is cooked by Trish, over three firepits in the street.

She is returning to Port Eliot this year to focus on fish and seafood, cooked on the fire.  She insists she is not officially a chef but loves intuitive cooking, using local, seasonal produce, mixing flavours and hopes to make outdoor cooking look really easy. She will be using her trusty tripod and swapping in and out various pieces of enamel cookware which she hangs from a chain.

Trish has a small colourful recipe book called The Kotlich Cook’s Scrap Book, full of seasonal adventures with food. She spends her time inspiring people to cook outside, demonstrating at fairs and selling outdoor kitchen kit.  She loves to tell stories about cooking in the Balkans as she chops and stirs.  You will get plenty of inspiration, tips and tastes at this Outdoor Kitchen workshop.

Price £5

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket