Venue: Great Outdoors, on Friday, Sunday.

Ruth Weaver’s medicine foraging walk will give you an opportunity to discover the wild medicines that grow on your very doorstep. The tradition of foraging and using medicinal plants is rising in popularity as people yearn to get back to the roots of medicine.

This educational walk will demonstrate the sensory exploration of various plants; tasting, feeling and smelling all help to engage our innate ability to identify each plant’s unique qualities and uses, whilst also providing an important identification tool.  Ruth will share with you the herbal wisdom of both old and new and also discuss foraging ethics and sustainability.

Ruth Weaver is a Medical Herbalist living, teaching and practicing in West Cornwall, her place of birth and upbringing. Ruth studied at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, Glasgow and The University of Lincoln where she completed her Herbal Medicine BSc. (Hons). The roots of Ruth’s practice are in traditional western herbalism, she has sought diversity in her inspirations having worked with and learnt from herbalists from all around the UK. She also works with a collective of Herbalist first aiders at festivals around the UK providing orthodox and herbal first aid.

Herbal Medicine can be used to treat almost anything from the simple to serious, acute or chronic conditions. Ruth’s passion is to empower people with the knowledge on holistic health and how herbal medicines can be used to treat acute conditions simply and effectively at home.

Price £12

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket