Venue: Hole & Corner With Plymouth University, on Friday, Saturday.

Festival season is so much fun! But we’ve also all seen the aftermath – fields strewn with battered tents, lone wellies and crumpled gazebos. It’s time to think more about the consequences and close the loop with a positive solution. In collaboration with Hole and Corner, designer/maker and Francli co-founder Ali Goodman will be running a series of upcycling workshops, sharing her knowledge of up-cycling and traditional leatherwork techniques by making phone cases from wellington boots. Participants will, pick a welly, prep the welly material, cut a phone case pattern, glue into place, then mark and punch holes, saddle stitch and finish the edges to create your own waterproof phone case.

Francli Craftwear is a small, made in Britain studio that makes hardy craft and outdoor goods for people with purpose. By collecting pre and post consumer waste fabrics and re-purposing them into their designs, they aim to stop functional materials from heading to landfill and instead give them a new life.

Price £15

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Over 14s only

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