Venue: Workshop Barn, on Saturday, Sunday.

Gamelan Gong Kebyar is the most popular type of gamelan music on the magical island of Bali in Indonesia. This ensemble is a set of tuned bronze percussion instruments consisting of metallophones, gongs and drums which when played together produce an amazing shimmering sound. If you have never come across Balinese gamelan, nothing can prepare you for this incredible sound and its intricate rhythms.

One of the joys of Balinese gamelan is the flexibility it offers to work within mixed ability groups. Whether you’ve played before, or have never touched a musical instrument in your life, join Saj Collyer for a fun workshop on how to play the various instruments and learn a little about gamelan culture, heritage and social context.

The morning workshop is a 45 minute session designed for children from 6-12, however adults are welcome to join this with their children. (Under sixes are welcome on an adult’s knee). The evening workshop is a 90 minute session for adults and youngsters from 13 upwards.

Saj Collyer studied music at Dartington College of Arts, where she first discovered the Gamelan Gong Kebyar. On graduating, Saj was granted the Indonesian government’s scholarship Darmasiswa to study at STSI (Indonesian Institute of the Arts) with some of the great 20th Century masters of gamelan. Saj went on to become the gamelan tutor at Dartington College of Artsfrom 1994 where she remained until the college closed in 2009. She joined Plymouth University in 2010.

Over 13s Workshop £7

Under 13s Workshop £5, for ages 6-12 (although under 6’s welcome on their grown-up’s knee)

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All children must be accompanied by an adult. No ticket needed for the adult.