Venue: The Idler Academy.

Bill Anderson has directed television drama ranging from Evelyn Waugh’s classic “Sword of Honour” starring Daniel Craig, to “Dockers” produced and written by real striking Liverpool dockers with Irvine Welsh and Jimmy McGovern. It was while shooting stalwarts “Spooks” and “Lewis”, and working with cinematographer Paul Bond that, late one autumn afternoon, mid-discussion of a shoot in a garden, Bill noticed Paul crouch down, surreptitiously pick something up from the lawn and hide it in his hand. Apparently listening intently to Bill’s luminary ramblings, Paul then casually started blowing into his fist. Challenged to explain, Paul revealed a dead bee lying on its back in the palm of his hand. “Sometimes if they stop flying and get too cold they just can’t start again and that’s it…” The dead bee promptly wriggled its legs, rolled over and flew off, resurrected by the warmth of Paul’s hand. Though he’d never mentioned it, Paul was a World Champion beekeeper. This miracle was the start of Bill’s fascination with bees.

Bill is now a bee expert and has enticed four wild swarms to move into the hives on the roof of his West London home.  He will inspire you to keep bees the easy way. Come and look at his Warre hives and learn how to harvest your own honey without ever being stung.