Venue: Walled Garden.

Ilan Pappé is an Israeli historian and socialist activist. He is a professor of history at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter, and the author of the bestselling The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

Ilan Pappé’s latest book is The Biggest Prison on Earth, a comprehensive survey of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in which he exposes the history of one of the world’s most prolonged and tragic conflicts. Locating the occupation within a wider historical context that stretches back to 1948, Pappé dismisses the conventional view that the 1967 war emerged out of the blue, ‘forcing’ Israel to occupy the contentious territories.

Using recently declassified archival material, Pappé analyzes the establishment of legal and security infrastructures that were put in place to control the population, revealing harsh oppression that was never advertised in international headlines, and which passed without any substantial Palestinian resistance for the first twenty years of its existence. Then turning to the years since the resistance began in 1987, he offers hopeful visions of a future of reconciliation and peace.

From daily life under occupation to analyzing political positions and abortive peace attempts in the present day, this book seeks to redress the harm done by the occupation, reversing the trend of Israel’s silencing of any attempt to oppose it from within. What emerges is a powerful, groundbreaking history of the Occupied Territories.