Venue: Ace of Clubs.

Blending high energy neo-90’s Breakbeat sounds alongside live percussion, polyphonic effected guitar, stomping bass and soulful, deep vocals, Innereyefull are pushing a massive sound, combining breaks, brass, samples and scratching. Fusing sub bass, tidy guitar licks and with Trip-Hop, Dub and Drum & Bass at its core, there are also flavours of Ska and Funk.

Originating from the West London party scene as a solo DJ during the ’80s, Andy Kent moved on to making original music, skilfully utilising a vast array of techniques and equipment. Innereyefull’s sound developed from this foundation into a live act when guitarist Giles Woolley and percussionist Steve Brooks joined along with bass player Andy Davey who introduced the latest member, vocalist Giles Boulton to the group.

Giles comes from a wide ranging musical heritage and with his unique soulful, smooth and powerful vocals, Giles fronts the group with an unwavering positivity that unites audiences, reminding them of the simple enjoyment that comes through music.

Their message is one of positivity and the belief that music is one of the most powerful instruments at mankind’s disposal and should be used to unite and uplift. Innereyefull are making the music they love and just want to see people getting their groove on.