Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Mums’ Time – Practical mindfulness and meditation tips for hardworking mums.

Mums are multi-taskers, problem solvers, errand runners, bomb diffusers! Finding time to look after yourself might slip from the priority list when you’re a hard working mum but allowing yourself space and time can help you to handle all the challenges and joys with more clarity and balance; and it is a lot easier than you think.

Join this 45 minute workshop with Joanna Hulin of Horizon Retreats and learn simple, sustainable tools to help you find peace of mind in a busy life and to be reminded of the importance of loving yourself first.

Horizon Inspired, owned and run by Joanna Hulin (Joey), was born from a passion to offer everyday, hardworking people space to slow down and reconnect. They offer unique, approachable and effective Weekend Wellbeing Retreats, Meditation Classes and Events, one-to-one Coaching and Blogging.

Previously Joey was working a busy, stressful job that resulted in years of poor sleep, stress and anxiety before eventually burning out. She quit her job and travelled to Mexico and Costa Rica where she discovered meditation and yoga for the first time. She learned that a simple meditation practice can completely transform your ability to manage your thoughts and feelings.

She holds a Teachers Diploma certificate in ‘Meditation Tuition’ but importantly, has learned through experience. She brings a real, patient, non-judgmental approach to each retreat, class and event.

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