Venue: Lark’s Haven.

If there’s one thing they like at Itchi Feet, it’s fun! Best friends Bertie and Olly know that doing something new – particularly a yoga class – can be intimidating . Their classes get you focused on your breath and alignment, with a strong influence from Ashtanga (which they like to call power yoga). Come by and see them for a class, a restoration and a laugh.

Itchi Feet Yoga was founded when best friends Bertie and Olly were brought together by a shared love of exploration, cooking, surf, yoga and nature.

Having spent their early twenties surfing and working across New Zealand and Australia, Bertie returned to the bright lights of London work as a chef and Olly remained in Australia, pursuing finance in the oil world.

Neither found the solace they hoped for in their endeavors. ‘succeeding’ but discontent. Olly began training as a yoga instructor at CamYoga, in Cambridge, and Bertie handed in his notice before the two met up in Morocco with no idea what would come next. In the barren deserts a realization came.

Itchi Feet, now based in Falmouth, Cornwall, is all about listening to the inner voice and having the courage to follow it, a message Bertie and Olly communicate through yoga, food, meditation and sometimes a cheeky conversation over a beer.