Venue: The Tiddy Tent, on Friday, Saturday.

Jay Armstrong is founder and editor of Elementum, an independent biannual literary journal with a focus on nature writing and visual storytelling.

Jay was born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. Following a degree in English Literature, she spent seven formative years as an army officer. She left to follow more creative pursuits, working as a freelance photographer until family commitments took her to Cornwall. There she studied for an MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University where she developed her idea for a collectable ‘journal of nature and story’. Inspired by the wilder landscapes of Cornwall and West Scotland, Jay set out to create a publication that explores our place in the natural world – a journal in which folklore sits alongside scientific findings and visual narratives carry as much weight as written stories. Contributors include Wyl Menmuir (Booker prize longlist, 2016) and Miriam Darlington (Otter Country), artwork by Catherine Hyde (Kate Greenaway medal nominee), and poetry from Jane Clarke (Ondaatje shortlist, 2016).

Elementum launched in summer 2016 and is now read in over 20 countries. It has attracted praise for its quality of content, clean design and uncompromising production values. Readers have commented on the quiet, contemplative space it affords and the accessible tone. Underpinning the Elementum ethos is the hope that by better understanding the living world around us, we will better understand our place within it and our responsibilities.

Jay lives in Sherborne, Dorset, with her family.