Venue: Flower and Fodder, on Friday.

Katy Davidson is an oyster evangelist, better known as The Oyster Lady. Her passion for the oyster has seen her converting thousands of oyster doubters to oyster lovers at festivals and events around the world. She skilfully blends gastronomic joy, with humour, ethics and sustainability, to bring you all that the eco-hero oyster has to share.
She has curated and headlined oyster-specific tastings, masterclasses, catering, festivals and events and is currently putting together an oyster celebration for the capital with the inaugural London Oyster Week; a city-wide celebration of oysters at various venues that will raise funds for oyster education and restoration efforts. Her Oyster Academy teaches hands-on skills and oyster culture in a similar way to the culture of wine.
She has also recently signed to Emily Sweet Associates to write her first book, an oysters-only recipe compendium.