Venue: Ace of Clubs.

Imagine colourful visuals, lights, and outlines. And combine them with rich, diamond-like sounds. L’Asset sees music as a form of art, through which yet undiscovered feelings and thoughts are expressed. It’s dark, it’s light, it goes through the whole spectrum; because L’Asset has been there.

L’Asset is an individual, a band, it’s everything you see and everything you don’t see. It’s what you imagine them to be. They fold into one, and unfold into more. The band (Willem ‘t Hart: Keys, Stef Delbaere: Guitar, Jos Tobé: Drums) is formed around the singer and songwriter: L’Asset. She is L’Asset, but actually, they all are.

Synthesizers move from heavy and dark, to light and melodic, as the guitar gives each song pattern and fabric. Beats are at the foundations; they lay down the geometric lines. They are a combination of electronics and organic drums that will make you dance and hover.

L’Asset’s voice is recognisable, clear sounding but edgy, and she is often compared to artists like Kate Bush, Björk, Florence Welch and Sia.