Venue: Workshop Barn, on Friday, Saturday.

Life drawing is a wonderful discipline to learn. These fun and relaxed workshops with portrait artist Jason Walker are open to artists of all abilities, from the novice through to the more experienced draughtsman. Jason’s workshops will improve your draughtsmanship and provide a greater understanding of the figure while inspiring a greater interest in this most fascinating and enduring genre.

Artists will draw from the figure, using a mix of modern and traditional methods. The model will perform a variety of short and longer poses.

Beginning with short, dynamic, expressive sketches you will be encouraged to experiment with free flowing movements and mark making, looking at movement, balance and structure.

The longer poses will be for a maximum of 45 mins; this will give artists a chance to enjoy a relaxed and sustained period of observation. Artists will be introduced to a simply technique that will help them tackle will confidence some of the complexities of drawing the figure.

Covering proportion, visual perspective and foreshortening, workshops will also address many of the anomalies that commonly occur with life drawing.

Materials available to use will be charcoal, graphite and ink.

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Price £20, must be 16+

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