Venue: Workshop Barn, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Fentimans, the botanically brewed beverage makers, invite you to come and learn how to create the perfect festival cocktails.

Enjoy creating an exciting drink using their delicious mixers with a dash of the strong stuff, then pimping your creation with edible glitter, jewels and sequins to create the perfect festival cocktail that looks and tastes simply magical!

These cocktail creations will be complimented by DIY canapés which you construct yourself – creating a perfectly formed ‘cockape’ (cocktail/ canapé) to accompany your liquid creation.

Fentimans has a proud heritage of brewing natural botanicals to make authentic and superior drinks. Their drinks are made today, as they were over 100 years ago, using the time-honoured botanical brewing process.

Botanical brewing is a technique of making superior quality beverages using a combination of infusion, skilful blending and fermentation. Fentimans continue to make their drinks in this traditional way to achieve the premium quality that Fentimans are renowned for. The result is a drink that tastes delicious on its own, but is also pretty fantastic pimped up with booze and glitter!

Price £10, must be 18+ years

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