Venue: The Bowling Green, The Tiddy Tent, on Friday, Saturday.

Michael Bird is a writer and independent art historian. His first children’s book, Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories, tells the history of art in 68 stories, from the prehistoric Lion Man to Ai Wei Wei, and has already been translated into ten languages. He has written and broadcast widely on the artists associated with Cornwall, including The St Ives Artists: A Biography of Place and Time, Art in Cornwall and programmes for BBC Radio on Peter Lanyon, Terry Frost, Patrick Heron and Alfred Wallis. Michael was 2016 Goodison Fellow at the British Library, where he has been researching the vast Artists’ Lives oral history archive. He recently curated In Their Own Words: Artists’ Voices from the Ingram Collection at The Lightbox. He will be talking about Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories in Bowling Green, and about the history of art in Cornwall in the Tiddy Tent.