Venue: The Wardrobe Department.

Molly Goddard specialises in traditional hand-craft techniques such as hand pleating, smocking and crocheting. Her collections are held in some of the world’s most prestigious stockists including Dover Street Market, Trading Museum Comme des Garcons, I.T, Browns, Boon the Shop and Club 21. In 2016 Molly won British Emerging Talent award at the 2016 Fashion Awards and is a 2017 LVMH Prize finalist.

Her work touches upon themes of special occasions, nostalgia and coming of age, often taking inspiration from party dressing and Sunday best. The techniques that she utilises serve to create clothes that are both delicate and fragile, but the character she designs for conflicts with the beauty of her technique, bringing a clumsy and charming awkwardness to her silhouettes and fabric combinations. Molly is currently working on a new interpretation of her archive collections to be presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London on Friday 7th July. Alongside the archive will be new pieces, an experimental pre/mens collection. The project is particularly resonant with the brand as the V&A is such a huge source of inspiration for Molly – the set, styling and world created for the show will be focusing on this connection.