Venue: The Park, on Friday.

Everything about Singer-songwriter Nathan Ball and his music feels unforced. He’s a natural, easy, calming presence. It took an extended spell in the mountains to unlock this path. Until then, music had been a solitary, uncertain pursuit – a passion, for sure, but one that had yet to find it’s legs. Returning to the UK, demos in hand, Nathan gathered a band around him and began playing show after show.

Nathan’s work fuses two chief loves – one for the classic songwriting of Paul Simon and Van Morrison, and the other an eagerness to experiment and push boundaries sonically. Perhaps unexpectedly he finds inspiration in left-field house music.

Losing himself in the outdoors, much of Nathan’s material is connected to his surroundings. “It’s where I write best; by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods. I love being totally immersed in nature so naturally those themes find their way into the music. I love being in the sea – even if I’m not surfing, just being in it, and feeling totally insignificant. It’s a reminder of the order of things.”

Now based in London, he finds the perpetually evolving panorama of the city both chaotic and enchanting. Continually working on fresh material, he’ll then listen to it as he journeys around the metropolis, adjusting it as he goes.