Venue: Ace of Clubs, on Thursday.

When the Galactic Alliance met for council, they decided music was the way to bring the planets together.
They scanned the universe for the top interstellar performers. Unfortunately they were pre-booked… and so were left with a remaining few. However, there was hope when these four stepped in – and the Omni Federation was born. The Omni Federation: An amalgamation of fantastic minds and creative hearts. This band takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of dance, reggae, funk and electro pop. Based in the south west of Devon, the Omni Federation is a core of four: Jo Atkins vocals, guitar and percussion; Julian Wilson–vocals guitar, keys, weird noises & buttons; Lee Stone–bass, double bass and Omni-production; Alex McGinnes–drums & vocals. With a shared love of music and performance, the Omni Federation’s previous bands include: Watershed, TruSteppas, The Rooticals, 007 and Angels Vs Aliens. Band members can also be heard in The Blue Spots, Betamaxand Rupert and the Bears (if you’re lucky). We look forward to your Omni-presence.
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