Venue: Lark’s Haven, on Thursday, Saturday.

Hannah Guy teaches safe and fun classes that help you move with ease, nurturing vitality with relaxation, strength with flexibility and fostering a grounded openness in body and mind.

Each class is a process of discovery, a space to move and be with the breath in the body. It is not so much the shapes we make that matter, but the internal quality and awareness we cultivate and embody during the process. Inviting compassionate inquiry, it becomes a movement meditation.

As a teenager Hannah began practicing yoga and has been teaching since 2014 having trained with Catherine Annis at TriYoga London (BWY). In 2016 Hannah gave birth to Isabella and yoga has continued to enrich her journey into motherhood. Her yoga practice helps cultivate an attitude of curiosity, patience and compassion. Her classes combine her interest in anatomy and modern bio-mechanic’s with the ancient wisdom offered in the vast yogic traditions.