Venue: The House, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Scott Fletcher is a digital artist and campaign consultant specialising in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality for use in performance and personal experiences. His work allows audiences to experience the subversive use and counterintuitive application of technology, and to engage with questions about representation, control, truth and expectation. Scott’s recent works have involved the integration of new media technologies with traditional art forms, including theatre, orchestra, dance, literature and opera, in an effort to introduce new audiences to art they might have once been intimidated by. 

At this year’s festival he will present a unique collaboration between Agatha Christie Limited and the Port Eliot Estate, using Mixed Reality Microsoft HoloLens headsets to create an immersive experience in one of the bedrooms in the house. A previously unreleased recording of Agatha Christie herself will be heard alongside holographic cues for plot points and character dialogue from the first scene from her 1972 Poirot mystery, Elephants Can Remember. As a fascinating extra detail, each of the hats featured are bespoke 3D renders matched from the Stephen Jones Millinery archive.

Scott will also be talking about the project on the Walled Garden stage on Sunday afternoon.