Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Claire Ingleheart is a composer, musical director, multi-instrumentalist, choir director, workshop leader and associate lecturer at Falmouth University.  With 25 years experience working in theatre, playing in bands and developing community music, she has worked with Wild Works Theatre, Michael Sheen, The National Theatre, Simon Birch Dance, Nottingham Television Workshop, Travelling Light, Horse and Bamboo, Dodgy Clutch Theatre, Braga Tanga, The Underbelly and all female, local shanty group, Femmes de la Mer.

An experienced performer, composer and arranger, Claire also leads two community choirs, The Suitcase Singers and The Ingleheart Singers and has recently set up monthly sessions, ‘Sing for Your Heart, Sing for Your Soul’ which are particularly aimed at coming together and harnessing the positive effect that singing together has on our personnel well being.

Come and experience the joy and exhilaration of singing a cappella in a group.  We will raise our endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin with singing in 3 and 4 part harmonies. No previous experience is necessary, and all songs will be taught ‘by ear’.