Venue: Ace of Clubs, on Friday.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the late 1980s, Sister Cookie fell in love with music early on. Her mother’s juju, highlife and reggae records, the jazz LPs in her father’s collection, the pulsating traditional West African rhythms heard at numerous special occasions and the moving spirituals that dominated every church service served as the soundtrack to her childhood.  She also taught herself to play the piano from an early age.

Her family relocated to London when she was ten and her fixation with music increased. Having absorbed various genres throughout adolescence, in her late teens, Cookie developed a passion for jazz and the blues. She began to display her talents, singing and playing anywhere a piano was present. Miss Cookie (as she was known back then) began appearing regularly at venues such as The Black Gardenia and The George Tavern until 2008. Cookie then gave up all musical pursuits – she was to have a baby boy the following year. After a hiatus to focus on motherhood, she returned to performing in 2013. To date, Sister Cookie has wowed audiences with her unique sound and charisma across Europe.

Her debut single, a version of Willie Jones’ 1962 scorcher Where’s My Money was released on the Italian label Soulful Torino Records in 2014. The limited-edition, vinyl-only release sold out almost instantly.  In 2015 she also released singles with London-based bands MFC Chicken and The Future Shape of Sound. 2016 was spent performing, writing and getting her own band together. Sister Cookie is currently working on her debut album, due for release in 2017.