Venue: The Bowling Green.

Sophie Fiennes is a film director whose feature documentaries for theatrical exhibition include her collaborations with the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, (2006) and The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, (2012), her portrait of German artist Anselm Keifer, Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow, (2010) and her most recent film Grace Jones; Bloodlight and Bami ,(2017), an observational odyssey into the world of the iconic singer and performer. This project came about following Fiennes first feature documentary Hoover Street Revival, (2001), about a Pentecostal church community in Los Angeles, and the sermons of its preacher, Bishop Noel Jones, brother of Grace Jones.

Fiennes work for television includes her first short Lars from 1-10, about the Danish film director Lars Von Trier and his ‘Dogme rules’ film manifesto and arts documentaries, The Late Michael Clark, (2000), Because I Sing, (2001) VSPRS Show and Tell, (2005) and Liu Xiaodong Half Street, (2013). She also made a 5 minute fictional short First Row Orchestra, for the Arte’s Hopper Vu Par, (2012).

Fiennes’ films have received international distribution and screened in festivals from Cannes official selection to Toronto and Sundance. She was awarded a NESTA fellowship in 2001, to develop her innovative approach to film, and the Arte France Cinema Award in 2008, at Rotterdam’s Cinemart.