SOUL&SURF presents a Vinyasa Flow class to strengthen and restore your festival or ocean-weary bodies, bringing a little soul all the way from Kerala and Sri Lanka to Port Eliot. Join Jessamin, our Sri Lankan retreat teacher in her creative and mindfully sequenced classes, weaving together deep, alignment-focused asana and pranayama with seriously soulful sounds and heavenly scents, leaving you grounded and uplifted in equal measure.

SOUL&SURF set up shop in 2010 to offer an alternative to the pile ‘em high sell ‘em cheap surf camps. We chose original locations in Kerala and Sri Lanka, we set our standards high and we offer so much more than just surf. Our yoga, pranayama, meditation, massage, café and music programs are not just hastily bolted on to tick the marketing boxes, they are the Soul of Soul & Surf. And we work hard to present this all in a very down to earth way so it seems like we don’t work too hard. The result is just a bunch of feel-good people people who like some Soul with their Surf, or some Surf with their Soul.