Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Sounding Bowls are a new musical instrument. Tobias Kaye is the designer and sole producer, worldwide, having developed them over 30 years. Each instrument is an individual sculpture, cut from a solid block of wood to produce a fine, highly resonant bowl-shaped musical instrument. Strings inside the resonant space make Sounding Bowls unique in musical history.

Sounding Bowls have found a niche in sound and music therapy because of the remarkable transformative effects of their harmonies. Each string has the rich resonance of a Tibetan Singing Bowl as well as its own individual note. Performers find that these resonant properties really aid the voice and atmospheric aspects of their music. Many people who have spent years believing they were not musically skilled have discovered real joy in playing Sounding Bowls – every note sounds good because of the inherent harmonics of the bowl-form.

The six types of Sounding Bowl each have different applications, from powerful sound-bath effects right through to quiet meditations which are deepened by their sublime harmonies. The effects of playing them – or even being around the sound – include a sense of refreshment and hopeful joy.

By making these instruments available in workshops Tobias Kaye hopes to lead people to discover the harmonies that flow through the human body and to tune into our inner music at any moment. We are made of music, as is the world. Sounding Bowls can help you listen.