Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Nicolle Mitchell is passionate about using massage and nurturing touch to improve wellbeing and help enable professionals, families and communities connect meaningfully, improve relationships and reduce behaviours we find challenging.

Nicolle is an established holistic massage practitioner at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in Scorrier, Cornwall. She visits people in the community including delivering massage to people who live with dementia.

Nicolle developed a course, “How to Massage People who have Dementia” which won an award for Innovation from the Federation of Holistic Therapists and was a finalist for an Inspiration Award with the Holistic Therapy Magazine. She delivers her course nationally to body-work practitioners, dementia professionals and to loved ones wishing to connect more meaningfully through touch.

Nicolle enjoys running Story Massage Sessions in schools, pre-schools, other establishments or community groups and at The Blue Lotus.

Nicolle writes massage stories, many inspired by her daughter Stacey, who will be helping out at the Story Massage “fun” shop. Nicolle is creating a collection of Armadillo Stories which address social issues and challenges that children and young people face, such as bullying, isolation and attachment difficulties. These stories will be available as pick and mix e-stories so you can download the stories relevant to issues you are working through as a parent, carer or professional.

Nicolle and Stacey will be sharing some stories which are focused around an unassuming hero Armadillo and her friends who explore practical resolutions. The stories celebrate courage, diversity & compassion because Nicolle believes in happy beginnings.