Venue: Walled Garden.

Stuart Heritage has written for the Guardian since 2009. His weekly column about his young son ‘Man With a Pram’ ran in the paper’s Family section between 2015-16, and he has written for the likes of Vanity Fair, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Red, the NME, and the Radio Times.

Stuart has a younger brother called Pete. Pete is an Iron man. An Alpha male. A Danny Dyer and wrestling fanatic. Known to his friends as ‘Shagger’, he is a hot-headed, self-proclaimed ‘King of Ashford’ who, without a doubt, would win The Apprentice.

Stuart is bookish. A lover of nice quiet pubs and joint naps with his young son. Most likely to be an immediately forgotten semi-finalist on The Great British Bake Off.

In his first book, Don’t be a Dick Pete, Stuart tells us Pete’s biography: it is a portrait of modern masculinity in crisis told through a series of hilarious anecdotes and vignettes on family life. It’s a thoughtful reflection on the complexity of fraternal dynamics and an affectionate study of how families work.

It’s also about how, since moving back to his hometown of Ashford after almost a decade away, Stu has had to reevaluate his relationship with Pete. Recently married with a toddler and a whole new frame of reference to fit Pete into, their differences – and similarities – have been brought into focus with startling clarity.

But it’s also about how Pete is a bit of a dick.