Venue: Great Outdoors, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

This year the woodlands around the Port Eliot estate will play host to a number of Survival Wisdom master-classes, and to guest speakers delivering incredible stories of resilience and adventure.

Festival-goers will have the opportunity to get hands-on as they embark on a journey of survival learning outdoor remote living skills.   There will be sessions on:

  • How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Resilience Thinking)

Age: 10-100. Science Fiction is full of tales of the earth facing the apocalypse. From zombie attacks and alien invasions to the less fantastical famines, plagues, mega tsunamis, solar flares and meteor storms. But the question is: what do we need to survive?

  • How to Survive an English Summer (Fire Building)

For all the Family – Life’s Essentials: Ancient and modern ways of lighting survival fires. This year, improvised cookers and fires from around the globe!

  • How to Survive a Hosepipe Ban (Making safe water)

For all the Family – Life’s Essentials: Water fit to drink and survive! Why, where, when and how! Learn crucial skills such as how to ration your sweat

  • How to Survive a Night in the Woods (Shelter Building)

For all the Family – From emergency shelters through to long-term “Hobbit” houses! Learn the survival shelter essentials

  • How to Survive a Bowl of Frosties (Spoon carving)

Age: Adult Only – The ancient art of spoon-making. Relaxing and rewarding, learn this incredible skill from an expert crafstman.

And learn about expedition and travel packing with “survival essentials.”

The sessions will provide inspiration for all family adventures and help you develop survival instincts to help face unplanned emergencies and challenges worldwide.

Children and families will also be delighted to hear that Survival Wisdom Schools will also be running their ever-popular ‘Pirate School’. Rachel from the team will be running some new and fun Pirate games for Festival Families.

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket