Venue: Ace of Clubs.

What if the Marquis De Sade couldn’t get it hard?

The Crocodile of Old Kang Pow is an experimental operatic endeavour set within the fetid boroughs of 18th Century Paris, with an emasculated Marquis De Sade at the helm as our somewhat languid lothario and loathsome protagonist.

By utilising parable, religion, Egyptian mythology, S&M, personality cults, opera, musical, high art with low morals, profanity, humour, irreverence, the stylings of Grand Gui- gnol, magical elixirs and fountains of youth, Darren Berry, creator extrodinaire, has woven together a fairly elaborate and hallucinatory, yet thoroughly engaging tale. A smirking warning from the past with a very modern message. 

The Crocodile Of Old Kang Pow will be lifting its hem and hawking its goods at Port Eliot Festival in July with excerpts of songs and scenes from the show.