Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Mandy Adams has worked within the field of women’s health, in one way or another, for her entire life and is currently working as a Menstruality Educator offering Women’s Workshops, Online Mentoring and Rites of Passage Ceremonies. She is also founder of Red Tent Cornwall and is an online mentor at Red School.

Having spent much of her working life in Asia she now lives back in Cornwall with her husband and three young sons in the small town in which she was born.

Mandy is deeply passionate about championing the three major hormonal changes in a woman’s life – menarche, mothering and menopause – as rites of passage offering opportunities to directly awaken to a woman’s relationship with the Earth, her inner Self and her unique calling within her community.

Her work engages with and supports women in the unfolding of their own unique menstrual journey. There is a built‐in imperative to the menstrual cycle that endeavours to deliver you ‘home’ to yourself and to your calling – each  month this imperative is trying to express or work itself out. And when this process is blocked or thwarted in any way (personal, professional life, cultural pressures etc) it can cause a jolt or shock to the system.

Repeated shocks combined with an unconsciousness of the process causes what is now known as Menstrual Trauma – a kind of trauma to the soul or self. Much menstrual suffering can be seen as an expression of this trauma.


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