Venue: The Round Room.

Clive Sutton has been a lecturer in Psychology at Truro College for 14 years where he has worked on the HE programme for Plymouth University and is currently Head of Theory of Knowledge on the International Baccalaureate.

The Interpretation of Dreams is a talk that takes, as its starting point, Sigmund Freud’s seminal book of the same name, published in 1900. Clive will go on to explain some of the most recent studies in sleep and dreaming from brain-imaging research within cognitive neuroscience. He will be inviting the audience to wrestle with the idea of the unconscious and, through a range of interactive activities, will reveal the unconscious mind at work.

Audience members will be invited to volunteer their own dreams for interpretation and have the opportunity to psycho-analyse one another’s.

But be warned: some may find it a little uncomfortable accepting Freudian explanations of what our unconscious mind and unguarded ego are up to when we dream!