Venue: The Church, on Friday.

The Lilac Time released their eponymous debut album 30 years ago in 1987.
This year they return to the Church at the Port Eliot Festival to celebrate their birthday and the release of their tenth album “Return To Us”.

Formed by Nick and Stephen Duffy and joined in 1999 by Claire Worrall (now Duffy) the trio will perform songs that will bridge the decades and embrace you in a hug so reassuring that you will miss it for months, years or until they play again.

For this is the band that has always offered poetry and not logic, who redraw out worn maps of consciousness, the eternal orphans of the storm (the band who never will reform) and who now say:

“Return to us – we’re right we’re you left us.
Return to us – we’re singing the same songs”.

Enjoy The Lilac Time – 30 years of flower power.

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