Venue: Great Outdoors, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

“We’re going on a poo hunt. We’re going to find a big one!”

Come and join us as we uncover the stories of the wildlife around us, through reading the tracks and signs left behind as animals go about their night to day lives. We’ll look at the details of their footprints, learn how to identify individual species and try and understand what they might have been doing when they left their mark. We’ll use all of our senses to connect with the landscape around us and focus in on the tiny details; the single hair caught on brambles, the tiny teeth marks on nibbled nuts, the animal scat that smells just like jasmine tea… yes really!

If you’ve ever wanted to become ‘Hercule Poorot’ or ‘Inspector Pooseau’ then this tracking workshop will give you the skills. By the end of this experience you’ll know how to tell fox signs from dog, how to recognise the cute five toed tracks of the badger, and recognise whether you have rare dormice in your local woods. It’s not a workshop to be sniffed at!

This workshop is led by Angie Nash, Director of Panash Adventures, which focuses on wilderness immersion expeditions and wildlife and ancestral skills workshops. She has tracked wildlife across the globe, from polar bears on the Arctic Sea ice to orang-utans in the deep jungles of Borneo. Based in Looe, Cornwall, she is on the Cornwall mammal group committee and one of the few UK practitioners recognised on the international Cybertrack system.

Price £7.50

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All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket. Please wear long trousers/ closed toed shoes.