Cheeky Burger is own by Marta and Sebastien. Before getting into street food, Sebastian was head chef of a busy gastro pub in London. He’s a classically-trained French chef, and appeared on MasterChef: The Professionals. But it’s his wife, Marta, who got him to rethink his future. “I was pregnant” says Marta, “and craving burgers all day so Sebastien — being fed up with driving me around London looking for perfect burger— created one. And the rest is history.”

Cheeky Burger won best burger of UK category in British Street Food awards in 2016. They use grass fed beef in their hand-formed and hand-pressed patties (chuck, rib, brisket and in the mix). All their sauces are made by them. Cheeky Bacon with  bacon and Jack Daniels jam or the Cheeky Elvis with  peanut butter, Hot Daddy sauce and crispy applewood smoked bacon have a big following in London.