For the Dartmouth Ice Cream Company, ice cream is not just a summer-time treat but a year-round passion. They’ve been making bespoke ice creams and sorbets in the beautiful South Hams, in Devon, for nearly a century.

Their dairy is situated in the heart of Dartmouth, just yards from the lapping edges of the river Dart, where all their products are made by hand. They endeavour to produce a quality, artisan product using the best ingredients, and pride themselves on creativity and innovation, from perfecting their classic Clotted Cream Vanilla to creating their signature Devon Cream Tea flavour (yes, it really does have scones in it!)

They also let their imaginations run wild with flavours like Blue Cheese Ice Cream and Port Sorbet. Their recipe book is bursting with innovative ideas and is constantly being added to and tweaked.

Go and treat yourself to a scoop of Heaven from Devon!