Faeryfloss Boutique serves beautiful candyfloss, traditionally wrapped around wooden sticks in a variety of colours and flavours.  They use the very best raw cane, fair trade, organic sugar, supplied by workers’ co-ops in Paraguay and the UK.

Faeryfloss Boutique’s candyfloss cart is an up-cycled 1950’s vintage pram, and is powered by sunshine and gas. The unique design of the machine allows candyfloss to float up into the air to make clouds, cover nearby trees or to be caught and spun onto a stick, while glorious aromas fill the air.

Small (and not so small!) customers are encouraged to ring a bell to summon the faeries who make the candyfloss and make wishes as the sugar magically turns into candyfloss. They leave liberally sprinkled with faery dust and a candyfloss most often described as ‘larger than your head’. Bigger customers are encouraged to try their hand at spinning their own!